Latest Past Events

Political Theology and the Foundations of Liberal Thought – Charles Mathewes and Luke Bretherton

 The discussion of the role of religion, and specifically of Christianity, in public life is central to both modern political and theological thought. Luke Bretherton and Charles Mathewes accordingly discuss their views of the contemporary dilemmas and tasks that the Christian tradition of political theology face, both in historically democratic countries and on the global […]

Giants of Post-War Liberalism: Isaiah Berlin and John Rawls – Arie Dubnov and Andreas Galisanka

 Among the many figures who influenced liberal thought after the Second World War, the legacies of Isaiah Berlin and of John Rawls stand out with particular force. In this talk, Arie Dubnov and Andrius Galisanka discuss the respective roles that each of these thinkers played in consolidating the post-war liberal imaginary. They additionally consider the […]