Religious Influences on Post-War Liberalism – Malachi Hacohen and Samuel Moyn

REGISTER HERE > In this conversation, Malachi Hacohen and Samuel Moyn discuss the relative influence of Judaism and Christianity upon liberalism’s evolution after the Second World War, as well as the possible role that religious ideas might again play in shaping future developments of political thought. Malachi Hacohen is a Professor of History, Political Science, […]

Secularism and the Political Culture of Modern Societies – Akeel Bilgrami and Charles Taylor

REGISTER HERE > Charles Taylor and Akeel Bilgrami think together about secularism’s influence upon the political culture of modern societies. The conversation will re-examine some of the questions raised in the edited volume, Beyond the Secular West, which examined the applicability of Taylor’s vision of North Atlantic secularism to other regions of the world.Akeel Bilgrami is the […]

The Future of Cosmopolitanism – Seyla Benhabib and Kwame Anthony Appiah

Seyla Benhabib and Kwame Anthony Appiah share their thoughts about the role that cosmopolitanism can play in shaping ethical and political thought in an age of increasing global integration. The speakers will explore the relationship between cosmopolitanism and liberal thought, as well as consider the relationship between moments of heightened cosmopolitan sentiment and those in […]

Oneness and Difference in the Discourse on Race – Derik Smith and Lawrence Blum

 A key dilemma that has long shaped ethical and political discussions of the legacy of radical injustice concerns the relative importance of “oneness” and “difference.” To what extent, when considering questions of race, should the unity and equality of all humans be emphasized and/or the unique histories, realities, and experiences of historically oppressed peoples be […]

Worldviews and World Politics – Prasenjit Duara and Bentley Alan


In this talk, Prasenjit Duara and Bentley Allen discuss the role that worldviews play in shaping world politics, focusing particularly on how the background assumptions of the liberal imaginary stimulate environmental degradation. These observations lead them to consider the role that worldview transformation must play in allowing humanity to address the many, pressing crises of […]

Political Theology and the Foundations of Liberal Thought – Charles Mathewes and Luke Bretherton

 The discussion of the role of religion, and specifically of Christianity, in public life is central to both modern political and theological thought. Luke Bretherton and Charles Mathewes accordingly discuss their views of the contemporary dilemmas and tasks that the Christian tradition of political theology face, both in historically democratic countries and on the global […]