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The Modernity in Transition podcast brings together leading thinkers to examine the intellectual foundations of modern culture and explore their possible transformation.

Episode 4: Oneness and Difference in the Discourse on Race

Lawrence Blum and Derik Smith think together about the relationship between “oneness” and “difference” in the discourse on race, drawing upon both their academic research and their experience as activists.

Episode 3: The Future of Cosmopolitanism

Seyla Benhabib and Kwame Anthony Appiah think together about the role that cosmopolitanism can play in shaping ethical and political thought in an age of increasing global integration.

Episode 2: Secularism and the Political Culture of Modern Societies

Akeel Bilgrami and Charles Taylor discuss secularism and the political culture of modern societies, the future of democracy and capitalism, questions of collective identity, and our prospects for meaningful social change.

Episode 1: Religious Influence on Post-War Liberalism

In this episode, Malachi Hacohen and Samuel Moyn explore the influence of religion on post-war liberalism, as well as the limits of the current liberal order and how we might overcome them.