Worldviews, World Politics, and the Anthropocene

Prasenjit Duara and Bentley B. Allan

From the 2020-2021 Online Speaker Series: The Liberal Imaginary and Beyond. Other events in this series.

Prasenjit Duara and Bentley Allen discuss the role that worldviews play in shaping world politics, focusing particularly on how the background assumptions of the liberal imaginary stimulate environmental degradation. These observations lead them to consider the role that worldview transformation must play in allowing humanity to address the many, pressing crises of the day.

Prasenjit Duara

Oscar Tang Chair of East Asian Studies at Duke University. He is the author of The Crisis of Global Modernity (2015).

Bentley B. Allan

Assistant Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University and the author of Scientific Cosmology and International Orders (2018).

2020-2021 Online Speaker Series

The Liberal Imaginary and Beyond

The Liberal Imaginary and Beyond brought together leading thinkers to examine the origins, contents, and development of post-war liberalism, and to consider significant attempts to move beyond the resultant liberal imaginary without casting aside its impressive moral and political achievements. Sponsored by the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge, and COMIT.
Other events in this series